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Chiller Thriller Theatre
to our website! Chiller Thriller Theatre is a weekly horror movie broadcast  in Regina, Saskatchewan on Access7.

PRODUCTION NEWS Chiller Thriller Theatre is now in it's fourth season on Access7 in Regina! You can check out some of our old episodes on our youtube channel at:


We are also posting other short films made by Broken Promises Productions

Access7 in Regina is now broadcasting our episodes Saturday morning at 10am and Saturday evenings at 10pm. Join us for a double shot of classic horror and weird antics on Chiller thriller Theatre!

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TAFFETA TOMTEN (Frances Boll) is Nimby's undead executive assistant. Actually, almost everyone at Nim Corp. is some kind of undead creature....as Sep Nimby says, "the dead work cheap". Unfortunately for Nimby, the fair Taffeta isn't about to be pushed around. After all, a girl doesn't come back from the dead just to work for peanuts!
YGOR (Paul Speidel) is....well....he's an Ygor. The Nim-Corp. jack-of-all-trades and "recruitment officer" for undead staff, Ygor is happy to help his boss, though he's often confused by the plan. Luckily, he has TAFFETA to watch his back!
                  Has Ygor found true love?

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We are...
Taffeta celebrates while Nimby deals with a killer house plant on the Chiller Thriller Theatre broadcast of "Day of the Triffids"

... the weird and wacky staff and management of NIM-CORP MEDIA, the brainchild of self-styled media tycoon SEP NIMBY OUR NEW NIMBY! We're proud to introduce Derrick Maxie. Derrick takes over the role with our production moving to Saskatchewan. Wait until you see Derrick's take on Nimby-you'll howl with laughter! Sep was injured in a "tragic" illegal distilling accident. But that hasn't stopped him from  coming up with some crazy plans for quick profits!  See his youtube channel.

          Nimby is still all about the money!

Taffeta can even bring a smile to this skeleton!

Rick Gensiorek-our original Chiller Thriler Nimby! You'll still see him in some classic re-runs on NACTV from time to time. Just like Dr. Who, you'll love our original Nimby just as much as you'll love our new Nimby! Different styles but both amazing actors. Maybe Rick will re-appear if his busy schedule allows....????
Some last-minute direction from Dapper Don Phillips!

Crocus Pocus gets help from Mother Nature on our new feature:Crocus Pokus the Prairie Fairy.