Taffeta and Ygor share a laugh between takes while Nimby blocks his hat
Disco Taffeta struts her stuff!
Huh? What?
Nimby gets unravelled as cue-card genius Gabe looks on
Are we in frame? Can you see me??
Taffeta sits at the kiddie's table
Another unsubstantiated photo of the mythical "Nim-foot" monster!
Special Guest Zombie Cheryl Gensiorek shows Director Don who's boss!
Nimby "makes it rain", but no-one is impressed
D.P. Jeff Ward makes an unscheduled appearance, while guest make-up genius Kristin Watts chases down a customer
Director of Photography  Jeff directs the cast as Director Don gets into zombie make-up
Taffeta reacts "approvingly" to one of Nimby's "brilliant" ideas
Nimby tries out for the touring company of "West Side Story"...when you're a Sep, you're a Sep for life...."