Chiller Thriller Theatre soon will be starting a crowd funding campaign for season two. A total of 18 new episodes are planned for recording in Winnipeg Manitoba this fall in three segments of six episodes each. But we need your support and encouragement.

Encouragement, including emailing our broadcaster and telling them of your planned support at

We need to raise approximately $3,500 per day of fliming to complete six episodes. An estimated cost schedule is shown below and, please note, the broadcaster and fundraiser combined will be taking around 44 cents on the dollar.


$1,190: Broadcaster                 (NACTV - 34%)
   350: Fundraiser (Indiegogo/Kickstarter - ~10%)
   300: Studio & Equipment (Winnipeg Film Group, Lights, Camera, Sound)
   800: Set & Food (Design, Props, Costumes, Breakfast, Lunch, Water)
   600: Cast & Crew (DP, Makeup, Actor Honorariums, Post Production)
   260: Prizes & Awards (Sponsors Pledging Over $25)
     0: Producers and Director

We will be turning to our strongest supporters soon to ask for contributions. In exchange, we'll be offering perks including Nim-Corp employee cards, and even "Co-Producer Involving Moola" credits broadcast weekly on national TV. Details to be announced soon.

Your Contribution will help us keep Chiller Thriller Theatre on the air and further it will help keep community television production alive.