Here are some of the awesome 2015 video contest prizes you could win...so start working on those movies!!
AUTOGRAPHED PHOTOS!  Win awesome autographed pics from some of the people behind the amazing movies seen (or soon to be seen) on Chiller Thriller Theatre!
Arch Hall Jr-star of the indie cult classics      
Eegah and Wild Guitar -what a dreamboat!
LOBBY CARD REPRODUCTIONS! It's like being at the movie theatre when you're watching one of these Chiller Thriller Theatre "classics"

PLUS: secret bonus prizes! 
George Kosana-the Sheriff from Night
of the Living Dead with the line HE invented:
"They're dead, They're all messed up"
I'll say they are!
John Russo-not just the "tire iron
ghoul" but one of the writers! He'll
be "ghoulishly yours"
Kyra Schon- that creepy little girl
with the trowel is back, with an even
creeper picture! Don't turn your back
on her!
Conrad Brooks- he was one of the "Ed Wood Stock Company", acted with 
Bela Lugosi and Vampira, and confused us all with Ed Wood dialogue. You may win one of these two autographed pictures from the last star of "Plan 9 From Outer Space". How cool is that?
Frank Dello Stritto books- the best part of Chiller Thriller Theatre  is the amazing film histories from film historian and author Frank Dello Stritto. You could win one of his three books; "A Quaint and Curious Volume of Forgotten Lore" (exploring horror films as contemporary myth), "Vampire Over London" (Bela Lugosi's "missing" years touring England in a Dracula revival) and "i Saw What I Saw When  I Saw it" (growing up as an original "monster kid"). All very "readable" and fascinating film histories. AUTOGRAPHED!